Q. Why don’t you show prices on your webpage?

We provide homes all over Queensland from 5klms to 2500klm away across 74 local Government areas and many Cyclone and Bush Fire zones. It’s impossible to show just one price for each design, Once we know your desired location we can quickly give you an accurate price.

Q. Are steel framed houses noisy?

A. No – They are no noisier than any other framing material as there will be no shrinkage or cracking noises due to frame settlement.

Q. Can you build to my plan?

A.Because our homes are designed to be transported by truck we do need to adhere to certain dimensions for each module; however we are happy to work with your ideas for the internal lay out – just let us know what you want to achieve within your budget and we will go from there.

Q. Do I need council approval?

A.If a building approval is required for your home it will be included in our price and we take care of it for you. Other MCU or special approvals may be required subject to the land and will be quoted and discussed.

Q. Does a lightning strike affect a steel frame home?

A.No – Because a steel frame creates a positive earth, a lightning strike will have no effect. The energy is allowed to go straight to the ground, and is not dissipated destructively as in conventional framing.

Q. Does steel framing have a better or worse expansion and contraction rate than timber?

This is with reference to cracking of plaster cornices.
A.With steel in house frames, this movement is negligible due to minimal direct heat transfer to the frame, even in hot weather. Furthermore, steel possesses a compatible expansion coefficient with that of plasterboard, thereby minimising the incidence of cracking. It is neither better nor worse.

Q. How long does it take to build a home?

A.Because we build in a factory environment we are able to work on several homes at one time so we can build homes in as little as five (5) weeks. Unlike regular builders, we have the advantage of being able to carry out our work on site so we do not experience lengthy delays due to bad weather.

Q. Is steel framing for cyclonic areas?

A.Yes – Steel framing is used extensively in these areas because of its inherent strength.

Q. What is a modular home?

A. As the name suggests, our homes are fully built in our factory. Firstly, our welder welds a steel chassis and from there the home is framed, using steel framing,

Everything from the wiring, through to plastering, painting, cabinetry and floor covering is done here at our factory.

The home is then transported in sections to the site where our experienced crew will have already completed the footings. Using a crane, the home is lifted off the truck and bolted onto the steel piers concreted into the ground. All that is left for the owner to do is to connect to services and they are ready to move in.

Q. What is your energy efficiency rating?

A.Our homes are fully compliant with Queensland Government energy efficiency requirements.

Q. What makes Lysaght house framing systems unique?

A.The Lysaght Supraframe and Lysaght Supratruss framing systems are by far the most advanced in the world. Reduced material gauges result in more economical and lightweight frames and new connection systems allow quick and easy assembly. Lintel and bracing systems designed to work compositely with the frame are more economical and new on-site nailing methods result in easier frame installation and fixout.

Q. Why do people decide to build with steel framing?

A. Steel is a superior product for long term investment, with the added advantages of being light, strong, non-combustible, is termite and borer proof and will not shrink or warp.