Our Oly Homes experience has been a surprisingly refreshing.

We spent about 3 yrs. looking into all sorts of options- relocatable homes, building from scratch, container homes, liveable sheds and were overwhelmed by the costs and time involved to have a home completed. A completed home was what we were after as we both work and wanted to be able to spend more time outside on our property, not spending our free time or unknown amounts of money renovating or finishing off a DIY house.

Thankfully, friends of ours showed us a story in a magazine about Oly Homes. Worth a look we thought.

We viewed the display home at their Yandina, you could see the quality of their product was definitely of high standard and you could actually get a feel for the spaciousness and openness of the design, something that I had struggled with looking at plans on a piece of paper.

Oly Homes have a variety of different designs and we had ideas of our own.” Not a problem” Greg said. With the ideas we had and the artistic qualities and patience of both Greg and Dale, we saw our desires for our new home become a reality on paper, that was also going to fit within our budget. Very exciting!

The build was completed at Yandina. No workmen coming and going from our property, no chasing council approvals or doing owner builder courses, so no inconvenience to us in this process whatsoever. Just love it!

Suddenly, less than 11 weeks later, our home was being delivered. Take the day off work and watch this happen at your place when yours is being delivered. It’s amazing!

Everyone involved worked together so well. In the morning we had a vacant block of land with footings ready, by that afternoon we had a home we’d soon be living in. The neighbours had to look twice when they arrived home from work.

Scott and his team worked tirelessly to bring it all together and ready for us to move in. Very devoted and sincere tradespeople, another delightful experience. Thanks Scott.

Gary and I can only speak highly of our experience with Oly Homes and their dedicated staff. We love our home. It’s just right for us. Thank you all at Oly Homes for making our ideas a reality.


Donna and Gary Dean

-Donna and Gary Dean

Sitting here, in our new Oly Home, it is hard to believe that only three short months ago Bob and I were still looking at housing options for our block at Woodgate. We had considered building, getting one built, purchasing a removal home but however, not a modular one.

Bob then found Oly Homes on the internet and was impressed with the variety of plans available. As we had a clear idea what we wanted we decided to “drop in” at the Oly Homes factory. It was the best decision we ever made. From the time we walked in, to be warmly greeted, till the time the boys left, after the house was delivered, we were struck by their understanding, professionalism and workmanship.

Greg was more than happy to show us around and explain the processes involved. From then on it was plain sailing.
Not having to deal with certification and Council was a great bonus. Dale and the team organised all this and kept us informed every step of the way. All we had to do was organise  electrician and plumber.

The house was finished before time and arrived in a pristine condition. The young men who installed the house certainly knew their job and their workmanship was superb. At no time was there any mess on the property, our neighbours were equally impressed.

Bob and Carol Peach
- PS For those of you that have got this far Bob is a retired builder, Council Inspector and Certifier.

“We dealt with real people”

Living in a small rural town has many advantages, the quiet lifestyle and the feeling of community. Sometimes the lack of choice in businesses and services can be challenging.

A friend of ours who is a councilor had heard about Oly Homes in a meeting and told us we should investigate.

We asked heaps of questions and had a lot of support when needed. The personalized service was the main reason we went with Oly.

Within a few months our house was a reality and we were sent photos of it at different construction phases.

After the trucks arrived construction started in Normanton and the house was finished in around two weeks.

We love our home and would recommend Oly to others looking to build.

-Tonia Smerdon

“Thank God for Oly Homes”

On January 25th 2013 our family home was flooded (see photo). We were devastated – we left our house with a few belongings and our children. Our great friends and family helped us clean up and pack what was not damaged but what was to follow was an absolute nightmare.

So then it was time to find a house, we went on the net knowing sort of what we wanted, trying to give the kids as close to what they had before and found Oly Homes. Right from word go they were the perfect fit.

The feature we loved most was that Oly take care of everything so we didn’t have to worry about our new home. The team at Oly Homes have been so patient and kind to us and have bent over backwards to help our family get a Home.

I do know this, the team at Oly Homes will be a part of our family and our lives forever. We will tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren how they made our dream of a home a reality and we will be forever grateful.

To the special team at Oly Homes we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Jodi, Darren, Jaydan and Harpa-Lillie

“Your guidance at each step in the process was invaluable and, this being my first home, you helped to reassure me at each stage in the process.”

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Oly home. The quality of the finished product is excellent and exactly what I expected it to be.

While the weather and site conditions were trying, I am very pleased with the final result. Your guidance at each step in the process was invaluable and, this being my first home, you helped to reassure me at each stage in the process.

I would recommend Oly homes to anyone considering building their first home

-Lex McMullin of Palmwoods

“The quality of the finished product was better than most display homes we had seen and we are very happy”

“I found Oly Homes on the Internet and from the first contact with them it’s been a pleasure. All the staff are very professional and always knew what was happening with our home. Their advice in designing of the building and colour selections was invaluable.

The house arrived to our site on time and with a minimal of fuss. The guys on site were very obliging and couldn’t do enough for us and it only took 4 days to install. The quality of the finished product was better than most display homes we had seen and we are very happy. We would highly recommend Oly Homes.”

-Darryl Harrison

“I would completely recommend them to anyone who wants to have a beautiful home”

The team at Oly homes have made a dream come true for me!! After 20 years of living unhappily in my “shouse” (combination of shed and house) I am now very happily living in my brand new custom made home.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. From the first phone call to the last, I have been very impressed and truly comfortable with everything they do. They kept me in the loop on every decision, gave me updates on the progress of the house and were just generally very caring towards me and my family during our building experience. I had my house within weeks and the whole process was made very easy for me!

The Oly team went out of their way to make my life easier and I truly thank them for that. I would completely recommend them to anyone who wants to have a beautiful home. I am truly happy and after 20 years I can finally sit on my massive veranda, drink coffee and relax. Thanks again to everyone who made my dream come true!!!!”

-Jenny Gilmer

“Nice people, impressive business.”

“How easy was that! I have just had my new investment house delivered and set up by Oly Homes. It seems these days we most often need to complain to get what we want but in this case I can only offer praise.

Oly were a pleasure to do business with. They built my house and kept me up to date during the time it took to build. Delivered on time and at the agreed price. Nice people, impressive business. ‘Good on ya’ Oly for showing some old fashioned service.”

-Trevor Forrester of Woongarra Qld.

“You have all made this process simple and stress-free.”

“I would like to express my most sincere thanks for all your skill and effort in creating my new home.

Although ours is a ‘business’ relationship, from the outset I have felt as if I were talking with friends. You have all made this process simple and stress-free.

There is no more important profession than building homes for people – you are all a great credit to your profession.”

- Paul from Mission Beach FNQ