Our Modular Home & Building Process

Here is our 5 Step process to ensure your new modular home is completed to meet all your expectations

Step 1: Consultation Home Design And Pricing

We will assist you with the design development to ensure what will suit your needs and explain just what is included. You may choose to add, delete or upgrade certain items or features. Our plans and most inclusions are flexible. This will ensure Oly Homes will build a home that is exactly as you wanted it. After agreeing on what you would like us to build we then generate a full quotation which details the exact cost of the house including delivery. Our quotation is detailed to the location of your land and covers  requirements for Cyclone Ratings or Bush Fire Requirements.

Step 2: Acceptance and Agreement

When we have all had a chance to study what is needed and what is to be supplied, and you have chosen to build with Oly Homes, we enter into the project by signing a Preliminary Agreement. This, together with a 5% deposit starts the work happening. Firstly Oly Homes arranges to have a soil test carried out  and at the same time we obtain exact title details of the land.

While the soil test and title plans searches are underway our drafting team starts work to generate the working drawings (full plans) ready to submit for approval. Detailed plans, together with the specification are sent to you for your final approval before we submit them. The time taken for Approval varies but we can generally say around four to six weeks.

The Contract you will sign with Oly Homes is a Master Builders Association (QMBA) Contract and is widely used by most professional Builders. All lending authorities are familiar with the content and conditions of this contract. This contract is approved under the Domestic Contracts Act of Queensland.

This is where  you get to have some serious input. If you are comfortable to make all of your colour selection and decorating decisions then now is the time. We will provide you with samples and all the information you need to complete your selections. Choices for roof, windows and cabinets will all be made now. If you would like a hand with some of these decisions we have years of experience in coordinating house colours and for both inside and out. We are more than happy to help.

Step 3. Building Commencement

Now that we have a Contract the construction begins. During the  following weeks we will send you photographs. to show you the progress or If you are local, you or your lenders are welcome to plan a visit to inspect progress. If you are borrowing to purchase your bank will fully understand the progress payment stages detailed in the contract.

Usually we will forward the request for progress payment to you and when you approve it and forward it to your bank they will make the payment directly to us. It is important that there is no delay when approving your claim stages as work continues in the factory, whatever the weather. Rest assured that our goal is to get your new home to you as soon as possible and thanks to our building process delays are rarely an issue.

Step 4. Delivery and Installation

When your home is nearly ready we will liaise with you on the delivery schedule for your home to arrive. The day before your house arrives, our site manager will mark out the ground where the house is to be built and a machine will dig footings to the engineers design requirements. After the footings are inspected concrete is poured. This stage takes less than a full day. On day two your house will arrive. These sections are then lifted into place with a crane onto the galvanised steel stumps that have been secured into the concrete footings. The sections are eased back together. Our finishing team then goes about completing the finishing inside the house.

Step 5. Completion and Inspection

We are now ready to inspect with you and hand over the keys for your new home. Not until now are you required to make your final payment. Your selected tradesmen will now complete the connection of services. After your Electricians have completed their work and the Plumbers have connected water and waste services we will arrange for the Certifier to do the final inspection to approve the home for habitation.

Your new Oly Homes Modular Home is now ready for you to move in and enjoy. You will have peace of mind during our six months minor defects period which then leads to the six years structural warranty. One of the best things is that we will not be asking for any more money other than what was in the contract or agreed to in variations. This is something that customers are always pleased with.