Thank God for Oly Homes part 2

Thank God for Oly Homes (part 2)


Hello again from the Hock family, it has been a while now since our last letter and a lot has happened. The banks gave the green light officially and that meant that the great people at Oly Homes could send their two fantastic builders Scott and Kieran to us to set out the foundations for our new home and then at 8.40am on Thursday 29th August 2013 it happened, it finally happened, our beautiful home arrived. The boys got straight into putting it together, I have never seen two men work as hard as Scott and Kieran, they just never stopped.

On Sunday they had finished and handed us the keys to our brand new home, we had fought so hard for it and it was finally ours and the countdown to move in started. Our plumber finished all the important stuff on Friday and we moved in that afternoon. It was a feeling of pure happiness to finally have a home for my family, one we never thought would happen.

I cannot believe how easy the process has been with Oly Homes from go to wow they have done everything we hardly had to lift a finger with all the arrangements, which was just what we needed given the stress we were under. They have been so helpful and taken every stressed out call from us. We would build with Oly again and again, I’ve spoken to other people who have built a new home (not with Oly) and say they would never go through it again. We cannot speak highly enough of the team at Oly Homes they are kind and very professional.

We have been in our beautiful home for three weeks now and are truly grateful and couldn’t be happier. We feel so blessed every day to have found the fantastic people at Oly Homes, who have changed our lives forever. Our children are at last settled and again fill our home with love and laughter. So this is where we would like to say to everyone who was involved in helping our family get into our new home, THANK YOU! The words hardly seem enough for what you have done for us. I cannot put into words how special you all are to us and will forever be in our hearts.

To Kathy you are an incredible woman; if it wasn’t for you working so hard for us we wouldn’t have our home. Thank you for helping us to give our children a home, something to call their own. There simply are no words to describe how happy and relieved we are. So again from the very tip of our toes and bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! You have turned our hopeless situation into hope for a future together in our amazing home.

With lots of kindness and gratitude

Darren, Jodi, Jaydan and Harpa-Lillie xoxo

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