Thank God for Oly Homes

Thank God For Oly Homes


Hello my name is Jodi Hock and I would like to share my family’s story with you and how Oly Homes have helped to make our dream come true.

On January 25th 2013 our family home was flooded (see photo). We were devastated – we left our house with a few belongings and our children. Our great friends and family helped us clean up and pack what was not damaged but what was to follow was an absolute nightmare.

Our insurance company, who was dealing with massive widespread devastation, gave our claim over to a third party who were hell bent on not paying what the damage was worth. I was determined not to back down. Our children were missing our home and all their things – especially our 2 yr daughter who was scared and confused. Our 13 yr son was an amazing rock never once complaining- he lost everything he held dear. He thought he put it all up high enough but we only had ½ an hour to prepare. I was fighting for them. It took 3 ½ long months of fighting, tears and a lot of mental anguish but we finally agreed on what was fair.

So then it was time to find a house, we went on the net knowing sort of what we wanted, trying to give the kids as close to what they had before and found Oly Homes. Right from word go they were the perfect fit. The feature we loved most was that Oly take care of everything so we didn’t have to worry about our new home. We were already dealing with so much else. We started out talking on the phone, getting prices and details but we still had to get the Bank on board as we didn’t get enough from the insurance company to rebuild.

The team at Oly Homes have been so patient and kind to us and have bent over backwards to help our family get a Home. We have had a few hiccups along the way – our bank took the money owing on our existing mortgage out of our insurance cheque and told us there was nothing they could do to help us, I was not going to accept that either so once again I put my boxing gloves on and went a few rounds with the Bank. Finally with the help of a select few wonderful and genius people working together, including Oly Homes we have worked out and incredible solution to a once hopeless situation. It has taken almost 5 months but we are finally here, the house is being built and we have signed for the loan…….we will have to wait and see what happens next.

I do know this, the team at Oly Homes, especially Kathy, Perry and Dale will be a part of our family and our lives forever. We will tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren how they made our dream of a home a reality and we will be forever grateful. To the special team at Oly Homes we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jodi, Darren, Jaydan and Harpa-Lillie xx


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  1. Michele Newton says:

    You are just amazing! Too many people let too many authorities take away their rights. When under the intense pressure and heartache you were under, you stood strong. To have a home builder help you get back your home, speaks volumes, about you and them. Thank you for sharing your story.

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