We dealt with real people

We dealt with real people


Living in a small rural town has many advantages, the quiet lifestyle and the feeling of community. However life also has its obstacles. Sometimes the lack of choice in businesses and services can be challenging.

We had been planning to build our own home for many years in Normanton and had made numerous attempts to connect with builders, building companies and architects. We had plans drawn up for our block – however finding someone to actually do the building was an issue..

The local builder did not have the staff to commit to our job and was already busy with renovations and Q build work. Most coastal companies weren’t interested in travelling to build – for the few that were the added costs to transport materials and to house workmen made building a home nearly impossible.

A friend of ours who is a councilor had heard about Oly Homes in a meeting and told us we should investigate.

Garry phoned the next day and spoke with Chris. She was extremely helpful and the emails started flowing. All of our planning was done either by phone or by email.

We asked heaps of questions and had a lot of support when needed.

I chose the colors and interior decorations. Garry did a lot of talking with Dale to ensure the foundations and cyclone ratings met the requirements for Normanton.

We made changes to the width of the verandah and room sizes. Oly was very accommodating and the turnaround of emails and phone queries was very quick.

Within a few months our house was a reality and we were sent photos of it at different construction phases.

After the trucks arrived construction started in Normanton and the house was finished in around two weeks.

The personalized service was the main reason we went with Oly. No question was too difficult and we felt we were an important part in all aspects of the planning and construction of our home.

Kathy came up to Normanton for the handover and this just added to the personal touch and fantastic service that we had received from Oly.

We love our home and would recommend Oly to others looking to build.

Tonia Smerdon

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